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G Force test, acceleration, EMG electromiografy, noise, opinions and exclusive details of the major Vibration Training Plates.

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Actually the purchase of a Vibration Training Plate is driven by the marketing and advertising. Don't buy the wrong Plate. We make tests and investigate for the pros and cons. Ask us first.

Beware fake Plates!

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• DKN XG10



Fake Plates.

We are aware of many dealers selling Plates with very low performance, under the vibration training threshold at a scandalous professional price range.

GALILEO FITNESS in-depth review

Galileo Fitness

Galileo Fitness • > 16G acceleration • The professional solution by Novotec GmbH

Vibration Training: a new way to improve life quality for those with always less time

Please forgive our English, first. We are a team of Italian independent professionals operating in the Vibration Training and specialized in reviewing Vibration Training Plates. Our knowledge is based on the Whole Body Vibration Training research and pubblications, on our direct experience in using all the top brands of Vibration Training Plates, professional heavy duty Plates and home fitness Plates, and finally, but not for less importance, on the feedback from the many users we advise. We work and live in Italy, where we are considered a valued reference for the main Vibration Training Plate Manufacturers. We write for fitness magazines. We are not physicians, we are not scientists. Take a look to: for more details. The site is in Italian.

We do what others don't do anymore: we offer quality. We test and we choose only the best. No compromise.

Vibration Training main purpose
Vibration Training contributes to your wellness. In 10 minutes you get the same muscle work that you would in a 45 60 minutes of fitness, with the plus of no fatigue and no joint load or stress. The stimulation of muscle fibers enhance wellness and many other benefits. Read more below...

XG10 Dkn in-depth review

XG10 dkn

X-series XG10 • 12G acceleration on a 3995,00 USD • The professional solution by DKN Technology.

The truth and the facts about Vibration Training

What follows is not written for physicians but for normal people with no scientific knowledge.

VIBRATION TRAINING is a very effective way to keep your body in shape, virtually with no effort and in short time. In 10 minutes you can get the same muscle results that you would in a 45 60 minutes fitness session. (true with some vibration training machines or vibration plates, only.)

The main posture is the squat position, all the rest has a minor or useless impact.

Following are the main benefits supported by hundreds of scientific studies (most of them made with Galileo Plates and just some with Powerplate, Nemes, and other Plates):

Scientific studies proved benefits

• increase range of motion, flexibility, reactivity and balance
• significantly improves the elderly people quality of life
• improves muscle tune
• positive on Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms (by medical approval only)
• reduce lower back pain
• increase range of motion, flexibility, reactivity and balance
• significantly improves the elderly people quality of life
• positive on Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms (by medical approval only)

Not proved benefits (Claimed by Manufacturers based on user feedback and unknown source)

• Vibration Training engages 97% of the muscle fibers, while with fitness and conditioning training you train 40% at time only
increase of the bone density (muscle tune is in relation with good bone health only - not proved)
• significance help in reducing cellulite (user feedback and best if in support of a hormonal balance diet plan)
• significance acceleration of losing weight (user feedback and best if in support of a hormonal balance diet plan)
• lymphatic Drainage (this is a reasonable logic affirmation but not proved)
• great for sport recovery (based on feedback)
• great for stretching (you can see immediately results but the effect don't last for long time)
• improves mood, libido and reduce stress (users feedback)

The main theory behind the whole mechanism
The stimulation on a very large number of muscle fibers enhance the production of the key hormones that brings health and wellness and all the above mentioned benefits.
This is the major theory supported by the studies and scientist deductions. There are some other theories, such the inhibition of the fat cells due to cells vibration, but there is noting certain and there is the need of further studies.


All above is true only by the use of the right kind of VT Plate, though. There is an invasion of Chinese fake Plates that doesn't meet the necessary requirements and doesn't reach the threshold to operate in the VT parameters. Our job is to clear up this difference, first.

To be effective the vibration must have a certain strength measured in G force. The G force of the earth is of 1G.
So, if you operate on a VT Plate below 3 o 4G there's no training, for you obtain muscle relaxation only. Additionally you havr to train above 16Hz (16 vertical movements per seconds) for muscle tune, below you get relaxation. Above 35Hz the muscles don't react to all the stimulations.

The direction of the vibration on the VT Plates must be vertical, moving from down to up. The main component must be vertical.

This movement engage a muscle tightening that starts from the feet ending up in the muscles around the spine in the mid of the back. At the base of all it's the same process you have when the doctor hits your knee, (miotactic reflex) and what happen is very similar to walking or running: every time you make a step you put your whole muscle chain on reflex tightening, from foot to the neck.

On a VT Plate you do that multiplied for 20 30 times in a second. The main advantage is you don't feel any physical exertion of fatigue, it's nice, and there is no significant joint load. That is why it fits perfect for the rehabilitation, and very good results are reported in conjunction with the regular physiotherapy.

There are two kind of vibration technologies: vertical uniform and vertical alternate vibration. This is one of the major controversy between the manufacturers.

Some Plates, such the Galileo use the alternate vibration, other such Powerplate or VibroGym orHypergravity and DKN use the uniform vibration.

The alternate vibration push one foot up while the other one goes down with a movement (magnitude) of 9 millimeters or 0,35 inches (long excursion).

The uniform vibration sends both feet up at the same time with a movement of 2,5 mm or 0,1 inches (short excursion).

When you do this movement 30 times in a second you are doing that with a frequency of 30 Hz. 1 Hz is simply 1 movement in 1 second.

Following are the keys to understand the differences that everybody ask in the FAQs:

1. More excursion and more frequency give more vibration strength. More G force.
2. Long excursion require lower frequency to produce a high vibration strength.
3. Short excursion require higher frequency to produce the same vibration strength.

With Galileo, which has the alternate vibration with an excursion of 9 to 10mm (0,35 inches) you have this effect on the muscles:

from 5Hz to 14Hz relaxation, 15 to 20Hz muscle tone, 20 up to 30Hz muscle strength

With DKN, PowerPlate and Vibrogym or similar you have generally this reaction:

from 20 to 25 relaxation, from 30 to 45Hz muscle tone and muscle strength.

An optimal G force for the average individual is around 8 G.

These are the main rules:

The more G force you put between your muscles and the VT Plate the more results you get.

More vibration strength gives you more results and in less time.

If that above is true, It remains very individual, however. Some get good results with 4G others need 10G to see difference. Depends on your training level, your age, your physical activity, your weight.
On a 4G Plate you will have to train longer to obtain some good results.
On a 15G Plate you will need short training time and pay attention to not overdue.

There's a limit of time you should respect in order to avoid muscles overcharge. Usually on the 12-15G Plates you should not exceed 6 total minutes. On te 4G you can train for 15 20 minutes (excluding pauses).

Exercises are interval training based. You can train 1 minute on the legs, then you have to wait one minute before to start again. While you wait you can exercise another muscle group, such abdominals or the pectoral and arms group. This way you make out the best of you training in short time from the Vibration Training session.

So, when you make 6 repetitions of 1 minute on the legs at a high vibration strength, the session should be over. You can add a stretching exercise for a minute or two at the end. Stretching is one of the most evident effects on VT Plates, especially at low vibration force. It does not mean that if a fake Vibration Training Plate works well on stretching it is worth on the muscle tune, also. Keep this clear.

Better the alternate or the uniform vibration?
(someone erroneously call it as "tilting" "oscillating" and "vertical" but there is no sense since both are vertical).

Difference is that the alternate vibration let you train at higher vibration intensity (more G force) with less impact and less vibrations spreading up to the head. On the other side the uniform vibration has the advantage of a more friendly, easy, usage of the vibrating platform at the beginning. You can perform a major number of exercises on the upper muscle group.

If you cannot afford the Galileo you have to find a compromise. DKN is a very good compromise.

Some are masters in the marketing. But the Plate sometimes is not worth the price. So ask for a suggestion, it cost you nothing and prevents you from a waste of money. As told above we try and test all the Plates.

No harmful load or stress to joints
There is no joint impact or heavy load on both kind of vibrations and there is no harm on both Plates. There are contraindications to respect so you have to be in physical order and healthy to use it. You should consult your physician first. If someone had just had a surgical intervention at the knee and goes on a VT Plate at full frequency, he will suffer great pain for sure.

Production costs and retailer prices
There is another story which has to be cleared up: costs to produce the VT Plates. Uniform vibration manufacturers like to define the alternate easy to produce with a fraction of the cost. It is true for the fake VT Plates from China. Those Plates never cross the 14 15Hz threshold. There is a reason. To build a Plate that can work from 18 to 30Hz unless shaking the whole building you have to use the Galileo technology, which is patented and the cost to build it is very high. The cheaper product of Galileo is 4700 USD. The average hoax is 400 USD.
Compared to the real alternate vibration, the vertical uniform vibration is twice cheaper to produce, and it should cost less. The fake alternate is 10 times cheaper than any other technology.

Two or one engine
This is an issue of the uniform vibration only. Two engine give more intensity and accuracy of the vibration under all circumstances (more or less person weight) and keep the height of the vibrating platform top close to the ground, however to synchronize perfectly two engines there is the need of more expensive electronic components, Plates and development. Two not well sinchronized engine may produce a very confusing vibration to the body, reproducing harmful vibrations. One engine is less precise and has limits to the intensity of the vibrations it can produce. Until now the limit of one engine on a vertical uniform Plate is 12G.

The story talks of the Russians using Vibration Training in the space to gain longer permanence out with no gravity in the 60s and 70s. We believe its a myth. The modern history begin in Germany in 1996 where Novotec Medical, the manufacturer of Galileo, were asked to develop a system to enhance the muscle tone of glass bone affected children. The scientist in the University of Köln (Cologne Germany) were looking for the way to increase the bone density of those affected by glass bone or prolonged motion stop. Novotec was there for the bone mass measurement DEXA Plates. So the modern Vibration Training was developed there. Then a professor from Italy well known in the sport environment begin to study the VT applied on athletes, and the story continued...

Proved VT Benefits

  • muscle tune
  • better motion
  • better flexibility
  • better reactivity
  • better balance
  • muscle strength

Benefits found on studies

As found in the studies the major benefits are caused by muscle activity provided by the right vibration.

Claimed VT Benefits

  • increase bone density
    (not proved by studies)
    help cellulite reduction
    (user feedback only)
    help weight reduction
    (user feedback only)
    tissue drainage
    (user feedback only)
    sport recovery
    (user feedback only)
    improve stretching
    (evident immediately)
    improve mood
    (user feedback only)
  • improve libido
    (user feedback only)
  • reduce stress
    (user feedback only)

VT benefits from feedback

The above benefits are reported by users and are not certified fron scientific studies.

Scientific Research


All the affirmations in this site are taken from the scientific reserch collected in our research section.

G Force

G Force Acceleration measures

Vibration Strenght

To select our offer we perform in-depth tests of the Vibration Training Plates. Acceleration or G force is the only key factor valid for comparison.
We use a tri-axial professional accelerometer.


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  • NovotecMedical
  • DKN
  • GlobusItalia
  • Vibrogym
  • Powerplate
  • BV Holland Fitness
  • Freemotion

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