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The in-depth review of the Galileo Fitness the professional vibration training plate by Novotec GmbH.
Certified CE medical vibration machine.

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[ in-depth review by Marvin Sasha - 10th February 2009 ]

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GALILEO FITNESS the 15 G Force professional plate by Novotec GmbH - Introduction

Galileo Fitnesss from above 04Galileo Fitnesss Control Panel and blurred baseproportions Stefy  

Galileo Fitness
Novotec GmbH

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Galileo Fitness is amazing, it's the ultimate Vibration Training Plate! Created from the evolution of the Galileo 2000 and the Galileo 900, the former models made by Novotec GmbH and mentioned in the whole medical and research literature, the Galileo Fitness is actually the reference in the Vibration Training world.

The Galileo Fitness, medical certified Plate, is meant primarily for the heavy duty professional, medical and commercial use, for rehabilitation, sport (within a certain level), beauty farms, and for the main fitness purposes.

No other vibration training plate can actually exhibit such positive feedback from the customers:

As proof of evidence we can tell that almost every day we receive calls from customers (some using the Vibration Training Plate at the clinic, the gym or at the beauty farm) asking the price for they get great results in short time and would like to bring it home. The fact is the 90% of the cases they train on a Galileo Fitness. For these users Novotec GmbH produces the Galileo Basic and the Galileo Advanced, the last one virtually with the same vibration performance of the Galileo Fitness.

On the functional level, the performance and the features of the Galileo Fitness are those of the professional and total tool. Operating the Galileo Fitness you can train the user at very low or very high vibration intensity, proportionally to the therapy or the result you are acheiving, with magnitude from 0 to 10,4 mm, without joint load.

The Galileo Fitness goes from 0 to 15G (measured with a triaxial pro accelerometer) and covers any known vibration training application. More info below in the acceleration section.

Galileo Fitness G force or acceleration measured with the Sequoia triaxial accelerometer Galileo Fitnesss acceleration from the platform central axis to the border

The Exclusive Alternate Vibration of the Galileo

Before going deep into details with Galileo Fitness we should talk briefly of the alternate vibration the plate can generate.
The Galileo alternate vibration, measured in Hz, see the image below, has generally this range of applications:

muscle effects by frequency

With the feet position varying from the center of the vibration plate axis, you can get more or less vibration intensity.

feet position

base with amplitude marks

Here, in our discussion on the forum, you have a deeper explanation of the alternate waveform vs the uniform waveform.

More info below in the acceleration section.

360° view

Rotate the Galileo Fitness vibration training Plate by dragging the mouse over the image below. You will need the latest Flash plug-in to see the 360 degrees view.

See the 800x800. Click here for a larger version 800 x 800 of the 360° view.

Personal impression, opinion and feeling.

Proportions SashaExplaining a physical feeling it's always a challenge. I'll do my best to describe what happen when you step on the Galileo Fitness comparing to other plates.

The first thing you want to try on a vibration platform is the muscle contraction to verify its performance.

I start with 18Hz and place my feet on 2.5 amplitude position. My legs are slightly bent. Pressing START on the control panel the base begin to move vertically, left foot up right foot down and vice-versa, and in less than 2 seconds you are at 18Hz. 18 movements up and down per second.

At 18Hz you already feel a clearly true muscle contraction. Mediun strenght contraction.

I am a quite well trained fellow, using and trying different VTplates every day. I suppose a newbie will experience much more contraction than me. The muscles involved in this position are the calves, the quadriceps, the leg biceps, whole leg, the buttocks (the gluteus) and smoothly the lower lumbar muscles, those around the spine.

No annoying vibration at the eyes or an the nose even at the highest 15 G force. You feel 1/10 vibration in comparison to a uniform plate at the same G force.

I want to give you some additional info about the contraction, for it is something unique. Remember when the doctor hits your knee with that small hammer? You feel the same contraction but continuously on the whole leg. It is called miotactic reflex. From 16 events in a second and up (16Hz up) the muscle is in a situation of continuos contraction for it has no time to relax.

At the 2.5 mark position with 18Hz the G force (the acceleration) is of 4G circa with a magnitude of 5 mm. If you put the feet on a wider position such 3.5 then the muscles contraction is stronger. More magnitude equals more acceleration, more G force at the same Hz frequency.

Despite my rough description the feeling is very nice. The very first time you feel tickles and you will probably laugh. If you train for a minute you'll feel itch from the ankles and the calves. After a couple of times no more itch and tickles, don't worry. You may challenge at first with holding the feet in the right position. You learn very soon how to deal with. Initially the heels tend to move closer so you have to check and move your feet to maintain the right position. Within 5 or 6 sessions you'll be able to control perfectly your legs.

This happen at 18Hz, and when you increase the frequency of 0,5 Hz you feel a significant difference in the vibration increase. At 22Hz, the contraction is stronger, 24Hz very strong, 26Hz if you're not trained you have to put the feet closer to the center axis to reduce the strength, 27, 28, 29, 30Hz amazing, really strong. You can use 30Hz when you are super trained.

For the main training I personally prefer the 20-22 Hz at a 4 mark amplitude. Then I perform some additional squat series rising the frequency up to 30Hz with the feet on 2.5 mark. It looks like any single frequency has a sligtly different effect exciting the muscles reflex in a different way.

The difference compared to the Uniform vibration machines is sharp-cut: more muscle contraction, more homogeneous and consistent contraction extended to the whole muscle group with equal G force.


I compared the two waveforms on a millisecond scale and noted that the alternate vibration of Galileo reach the peak value in less time than the uniform. The magnitude is wider, and this factor in conjunction with the sharp attack of the waform, should be the cause of the difference.

The alternate movement has another advantage: you can train at real high G force with comfort.

At more than 12G force: no kneecap tendon pain in deep squat posture, no vibration at the eyes, at the nose and at the head. This is one of the limit for the uniform vibration: you can't go over 10G without these discomforts.

Take a look here at this article.

Exercise with Galileo Fitness

The main posture is the squat with legs bent at 160° and there are many excercise positions I will describe soon in a special section.

Squat on Galileo Fitness Advanced Squat on Galileo Fitness Deep Squat on Galileo Fitness Squat

Note for beauty flaws: at the end of the training you should perform 3 minutes of drainage and massage. The drainage with the Galileo Fitness is a pleasure, better than any other machine. 3 minutes of total ecstasy at 12 to 14 Hz. The shaking of the peripheral tissues on the hips and legs is huge, with no equals on any other machine. Consider you are doing drainage during the muscle training, also. Don't limit yourself to the drainage only, for the results won't be durable and definitive: work on muscles first and begin a serious diet plan for the hormone balance if you want to see results in losing weight. Follow our schedules and programs then finish with an additional drainage session. In the image here below you can see the trunk is bent. Never stay with totally extended legs and trunk in upright position, you will shake the entire body head and internal organs in an excessive way, which is totally unadvised.

Drainage Position base with amplitude marks


Our Galieo customers feedback.

Beauty: report feedback from the customers: in 2 or 3 weeks they saw significant reduction of the cellulite, at least at the surface with reduction of the skin bumps. I can tell there is no such feedback from other Plates we deal with.

Weight loss: with the right vibration there is a significant enhance of the metabolism and if you follow a serious nutrition plan, meant for hormones balance, the results could be excellent. I can safely tell our customers are reporting significant results with VT in addition to a weight loss diet such the diet zone. I want to be honest about that: if you believe that VT can make you slim like magic, you're wrong. Don't listen to the commercials. If you don't adopt a serious diet plan you won't get weight results. In this case VT helps a lot.

Muscle tune up: I can confirm personally the muscle tune increase with very low effort. The legs sculpture is evident. The shoulders and the abdomen reflects the legs results. Consider the Galileo Fitness as an amplifier of the muscle work you may perform. Take care of your protein daily requirements for muscle tune results.

Sport recovery: Vibration Training focused on recovery helps to drain from toxins and slag. I strongly believe it can be of great help to reset single muscle units, synchronize muscle reaction and optimize the Golgi apparatus. Stretching is also another evident proof that vibration has an immediate effect on muscles, helping extension to go far beyond your usual limits. Everything is easier, no more fatigue the day after a huge intense performance. Reduce muscle injury and cramps. Useful to be ready and trained months before.


Galileo Fitness Front Control Unit 30Hz 1 minute

Essential. If you gain experience in the VT you will agree with me that the manual mode is better than the programs. Vibration training is not such a mystery, the action is on a whole muscle group, not selective like weight machines. To get the best results and avoid boredom, the subject should learn the basics.

If you are an individual using the Galileo Fitness for yourself, then you should take your time the first two or three sessions to learn the basics. If you are a trainer the best is following the subject for a couple of sessions and when she/he is ready give him the schedule printed plan. This is my suggestion.

The intensity varies person to person and a program will never meet the requirements, it may become deadly boring the second time you follow it.
If you want to get real results and avoid your customer to give up the second session, forget the programs and use the manual settings. This is my experience.

Control Unit control unit key

The control panel has some function buttons to set the main frequency, then you can refine with + and - buttons in steps of 0.5 Hz. The key is for locking the Galileo Fitness or to enable the chip cards (chip version only). The handle bar is not of great importance on a VT Plate: the posture should be on the legs with no handhold to get the best out from the VT and the proprioceptive factor, so you'll find yourself using the handlebar on the drainage only. The domestic models, those for the individuals are sold without handlebar. In a commercial or professional situation the handlebar is necessary for the newbies or the rehabilitation, the elderly or those with balance problems.


Galileo Fitness base from aboveGalileo Fitness base logo

Twice essential. As explained above the vibration platform has a central axis where the vibration is null. As soon as you move outwards, on the right or on the left, the vertical movement increases. The platform has 4 marks and a point in the middle, to get things easier with the foot position. The platform is wide and deep. 58cm x 45cm (22,8 in x 17,7 in). The marks reflect the Amplitude of the vibration waveform. The magnitude, or the whole excursion in the vertical direction, is exactly the double.

As you can see in the image below at position 1 we have a 2 mm magnitude, at position 2 we have 4mm, at position 3 magnitude is 6mm, at position 4 the excursion of the plate is of 8mm, at 4.5 is of 9mm and 10mm at the border.

Galileo Fitness magnitude

The movement is vertical as you can see above.

The base has 2 handlebars to lift it up when you need to move it. It is not fixed to the handlebar base. Its rubber supports fits exactly the milling cut seats on the aluminum handlebar base below.

base handlebar detail Galileo Fitness base handlebars

There are no other accessories such dampening mattress or belts for biceps or shoulders for there is no miotactic reflex with the belts. If you want to train the arms, you should perform exercises with the hands on the platform unless you purchase the Galileo Dumbbells. I try the dumbbells when I visited Novotec and they work. The miotactic reflex is very strong on the whole arm and shoulder muscles.

For the arms Novotec GmbH offers the GALILEO DUMBBELLS, another medical certified device, sold separately. Not included with Galileo Fitness.


Even though it's one of the most powerful and performing Plates the Galileo Fitness don't transmit any vibration to the ground even at 30Hz. The only noise you hear is the belt of the internal gear box and from the engine. Other manufacturers try to imitate the Galileo mechanics but if you push those machines over the 14 Hz the result is a jackhammer moving out of control around the room.

All the main components are made and assembled at the Novotec GmbH main seat in Pforzheim, close to Stuttgart. Germany. Electronic components are severely selected, tested and assembled by specialized employees as any other mechanical part of the Plate.

The engine is a monster, oversized for heavy duty, and there is a sensor that maintains the frequency constant under all circumstances. The engine powers the rotation of two eccentrics mounted on two huge flywheels. The eccentrics has the function to counterbalance the the platform momentum to kill the vibration to the floor, while the flywheels charge up with kinetic force to give extra power. It is an engineering masterpiece.


Galileo Fitness noise listen

The Galileo Fitness is quite silent. Listen to the sound to verify the noise level. I recorded the noise at the frequencies of 12Hz 18Hz 26Hz and 30Hz from 1 meter of distance from the base. You can compare the sound from my voice (the recording is in italian, sorry). The ground transmission of the Galileo Fitness is extremely low, close to nothing. If you put your hand on the floor, close to the machine, at its maximum speed, you feel nothing.


G Force or Acceleration is the measure unit of vibration intensity or vibration strength. Engine power means nothing. Engine power is not a valid parameter to define the vibration strength a Plate can produce. You have to measure the acceleration on the platform with a heavy person in the right position.

Galileo Fitness Accelerometer 02 Galileo Fitness Accelerometer 03 Galileo Fitness Accelerometer 04

Acceleration is measured in m/s2 or in G force. 1G = 9,80665 m/s2

Z (vertical up down) light blue
X (horizontal back forth) yellow
Y (horizontal left right) magenta

Max Acceleration with 90kg 198 lbs load: 15,3 G or 150 m/s2 - Frequency: 30 Hz - Feet Position 4.5

Galileo Fitnesss Max acceleration

The frequency shown on the control panel corresponds exactly to the generated vibration.

G Force chart

Here below the G force chart at the whole frequency range at all the Amplitude Marks of the Galileo Fitness. Measures are taken with no load on the Vibrating Platform, starting from mark 1 to mark 4.5.

G Force Chart

Note: the Values are linear. If you see a slight curve it's because the instrument is very sensitive and positioning even 1 mm out of its place can make some difference, but the values are linear.

Measures at Right and Wrong posture

OK legs with bent knees WRONG legs without bent knees

We measured the vibration at the lumbar zone in a correct posture with knees bent (OK) and in a wrong posture with no knee bend (WRONG).

90kg at the platform lumbar zone OK lumbar zone WRONG head OK head WRONG
26Hz 9 G feet on 3.5 0,3 G 1,5 G 0,1 G 0,4 G

EMG - muscular activity of the Galileo Fitness at 30 Hz

EMG muscle activity without and with vibration of the Galileo Fitness at 30Hz
vibration off
vibration on

In the image the activity of the right leg quadriceps measured with EMG electromiography. On the left the reaction of the muscle without vibration and on the right with vibration. We measured a deep squat standing in a static position with the knee bent at 90°. First with no vibration, then with vibration at 30Hz. The muscle activity increase, is much higher, despite the same fatigue and load.

GALILEO FITNESS Assembly instructions

GALILEO FITNESS Assembly sequence

Step by step assembly sequence of the Galileo Fitness. Time required for first time assembly: 15 minutes. Assembly tools are all included.


GALILEO FITNESS tech facts - specifications

Galileo Fitnesss Art Shot 01

Galileo Fitness
Novotec GmbH

price list
--on request-- USD / €

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delivery +- 1 week indicatively
worth for from sport to sedentary
reviews in-depth review
our team
best best
good good
normal normal
basic basic
great muscle tone
great skin beauty
great rehabilitation
great strength
great user friendly
excellent noise
price/quality best best
G force MAX 15 G with 90kg 200lbs - Triangular hard attack waveform.
test see acceleration
muscular activity see EMG
Noise listen
Total weight 92 kg 203 lbs
Max load 160 kg 353 lbs max
Manufacturing Stuttgart - Germany
Warranty 2 years
Technology Alternate Vertical Vibration
Frequency Hz 5-30 Hz (Optional 40Hz in Sport mode.)
Step increase +- 0.5 Hz
Magnitude, Vertical excursion 0....10 mm - 0....0,4 in
Engines 1
Remote control No
Lower control No
Dimensions 80 80 130 cm - 31.5 31.5 51 in
Class CE 0123 MEDICAL
Platform height 18 cm - 7 in
Platform dimensions 58 45 cm - 22.8 17.7 in
Accessories -


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