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VibroGym® VG Evolution - review

Test results and deep review of the VG Evolution vibration training device by VibroGym® International.

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[ in-depth review by Marvin Sasha - 18th November 2008 ]

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vg evolution control panelpannello controllo vg evolutionVG evolution and mac airbook with fastracer accelerometer

A masterpiece. There is only one word to describe the most precise vibrating platform currently available.

VG Evolution: VG stays for VibroGym, the original brands of the made in U.S.A. vibrating platforms from which many other have copied, maybe even more famous but surely with less fascination and experience; Evolution stays for all the functional and visual improvement that differentiates this from the mother of all vertical platforms: Vibrogym professional of which we are going to talk deeply in short time on this site.

vg evolution from above  

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If I had to say what has hit me most in this platform between design and vibration quality , I have to admit I could hardly choose. We all know how important a captivating and solid shape can be, enriched with details that make the user feel ready to use a professional platform.
At the same time we are conscious that the vibration parameters must be encompassed in order to avoid nuisance and discomfort to the user. Ok I have decided: the best quality in VG Evolution is the vibration precision, that reaches 10G and never fails, not even with an exaggerated load, remaining astoundingly even on all the points of the oscillating plate. Same values, with and without load. Even under a millisecond test and at any frequency, the vibration sinusoid is clean and symmetrical as never recorded on any other professional vibration training device.

To achieve this result, Vibrogym has given up some vertical excursion (or amplitude) in respect to its other level competitors and concentrated on precision and synchrony of both the two engines on the whole frequency range. From 25 to 50 Hz as the control panel reads, high and low mode even if it eventually reaches 55Hz in effect. Low mode (1,2 mm) and high mode (2,2 mm) can be selected any time and returns a maximum acceleration of 10G on a progressive intensity, adaptable to all situations.

The vibrating sensation is softer if compared to the more aggressive feeling on more powerful machines. This detail makes it much more versatile in any situation and this is really an advantage if you consider the user typology. Too much power exposes to risks and requires skill and mastery that few can exhibit. Most operators can eventually hardly manage borderline cases. So we share vibrogym philosophy to supply a super precise vibrating platform, user focused instead than a machine with peak performance with frequencies or excursions that can hardly be used if not under supervision of super-skilled operators.

Having a professional platform is nearly useless, if not being able to exploit it or explain it to the end user and this may lead to poor results and a bad reputation. A training to use a professional platform is compulsory, or its peculiar features remain unexploited. Otherwise you risk to leave the machine in stand-by, waiting for the unexpected instead of taking the best of it, especially in fitness centers and gyms where it can give its best together with the normal activities, for example reducing the recovery and involving all muscle fibers, or in the beauty centers where the technical training knowledge is not common.

Vibrogym VG Evolution carries on contemporarily both vibration training most diffused tendencies. One says that the vibration training must be thoroughly explained and therefore the platform must be always used on manual mode, the other claims that the platform is provided with complete programs allowing immediate complete use. VG Evolution is very versatile depending on the destination and utilization, therefore exceptional either for the skilled user or the personal trainer following the trainee step by step, and for the less dedicated staff that prefers to leave the user develop his session. In both cases a complet SW can create quickly personalized schedules.

Vibrogym deserves a particular mention for educating the staff and the supply of dedicated software and manuals, plus the training course held where the platform is consigned accompanied by the marketing material promoting the platform use in the customer’s seat.

There is a wide range of posters, leaflets and other materials of high graphic quality coming with the platform, that covers the fundamental aspect of informing the users of all kind and in all fields: for the elderly, for the fitness, for the sports, for the aesthetic blemishes. You can offer differentiated packages on multiple levels and prices according to the professional degree, and Vibrogym helps you explaining you exactly how to manage things at best.

In conclusion, another top quality product to keep in high consideration.

To complete this review we took 11 days: 3 of photography, 1 of EMG and acceleration tests, 2 of review draft, 1 for chosing the images and to digitally rework them, 3 for transferring the contents on the web, 1 for finishing. Reviews are totally made by usand nothing is charged to the manufacturer. Producers provide for the vibration training device for the review time only. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or any form of copy is strictly prohibited unless written permssion.

Sasha Marvin

360° view

Move with the mouse on the vibration training device to rotate it. You will need the latest flash plug in to view the 360 images.

See 800x800 pixel resolution image.

Handlebar and control unit.

vg evolution from the abovehandlebar and upper control panellower control panel

Zero vibrations and resonance on the handlebar. The professional vibrating platforms of which VG Evolution is a clear example, have a very solid structure, the curved steel tube is fixed to the base by two big screws. The handle is simple however very ergonomic, hinged in three spots on the central post.
As you can see in the pictures, the platform has a tall control unit, where to set protocols or to choose the programs, and another control unit set nearer to the oscillating plate with which modify the principal parameters or stop/repeat a training session.
Both units have touch sensitive controls, you need just to touch the screen with a finger to select the desired operation. This solution avoids the problems tied to the contact buttons and enhances the hyper technologic look of the machine. We will further see in detail all the control options. VG Evolution works between 25 and 50Hz with 1Hz step, in low or high mode (constant: low at 1,1 and high at 2,2 mm).

Oscillating plate

vg evolution wholeoscillating platesupports

The real magic is the skill which constructed the vibrating plate in terms of precision and vibrating uniformity. Only a manufacturer with many years of experience and prototypes can reach these heights. Disregarding the engines for now we want to speak about the steel plate: rectangular, very ample, with a usable surface of 89x45 cm, the opaque part, on a total surface of 98x45 cm including the shiny edges. H 21,3 cm from the floor. Slots for the bends are set in the lower side part. Some companies offer more positions to set the bands, but this is the most – or only – used anyway.

VG Evolution weighs 140 kg, with a maximum load of 180 kg.

The secret to supply such a precise and constant vibration with any load (details will follow below) is a blend of the really remarkable plate mass, its rectangular and symmetric conformation and the particular composition of the rubber supports, a Vibrogym trademark, and of course the push of the two engines , perfectly synchronized on the full frequency range (25/50Hz). The supports are clearly working impeccably as they are present in the same configuration on the full VG range, from Professional to Domestic.

I take the liberty of expressing a further consideration on the plate mass. There are experts and engineers that insist on this, claiming that you need a big mass, even 500-1000 kg., to obtain the purest vertical oscillation possible. This is the demonstration that you need a remarkable mass united to the right supports, activated by engines with well built eccentrics. In the acceleration tests, unloaded or with a 90 kg. load, there is no difference and this is the first time it happens on a platform. It is however true that the VG Evolution excursion doesn’t reach the range of Professional or other better known platforms, it is also true that the principal effort goes towards quality and the reduction of negative effects generated by the excessive vertical excursion, here the scale goes straight to the quality, at 3G or at 10G. A true masterpiece.


VG Evolution engines

VG Evolution is a vibrating platform equipped with two truly powerful industrial engines for an intense use and contrasting rotation. They are ruled by a professional inverter on the control unit SW. Phases and synchronization are so perfect that the sinusoid of the vibration is totally symmetrical even if millisecond analyzed. The movement has almost zero horizontal and depth components, while the vertical excursion remains astoundingly constant on all frequencies and with any load, either no load or 90 kg, our two references with other products reviews. At 50Hz (50 on display, measured 55Hz), it has a 10G intensity and an excursion on 2,2 mm.

55Hz waveform analisys

The incredible is that the excursion remains unvaried on the whole frequency range, either full load or unloaded, and the acceleration also remains unaltered. Other platforms in the same sector have wider excursions at low frequencies that tend to reduce proportionally at the frequency increase. In average use the VG Evolution’s range is of 5 and 7 G respectively at 30 and 40Hz.

With one engine only it is impossible even to go near this precision. If you imagine to purchase a powerful but convenient machine with two engines, be aware that it is very difficult to manage a certain vibration range by supplying a machine able to remain entire after 4 months’ use (at unbearable noise levels) or able to render a clean, high quality vibration which remains even at any frequency.
If this kind of platform is really inexpensive, there must be something wrong that sooner or later will show up. Sorry for saying but you cannot buy the latest Porsche model for 45.000 €.: either it is no Porsche or there is something hidden.


It is no secret that the vibrating platform aren’t’ really silent, especially at 50Hz and VG Evolution is no exception even if it can be used with no problems at the 1st floor in the beauty center or the gym. It lays on a 6mm neoprene layer covering the whole base and acting as noise and non-slippery cushion between platform and floor, in fact the machine stands firmly even in the turning on and off phases when in general all platforms tend to move unperceivably.

To listen to the VG Evolution vibration noise click on the image below.

VG Evolution noise


bandsbands on platebands detail

The bands are ergonomic and have notches to indicate the various adjusting positions. The handle is in soft rubber and can be held in hand or wrapped around the wrist.

shock absorbing cuscion

The shock absorbing cushion is indicated for the abdominal training or to lean knees or back on the floor. On demand an extendable mat to be used for exercises on the floor.

Vg Evolution Accessories


The acceleration tests are lead unloaded and with a 90 kg load. We use a professional accelerometer of latest generation, the Fastracer.

vg evolution and airbook with the fastracer accelerometeraccelerometer on vg evolution plate

The accelerating parameter id the main characteristic to evaluate on a vibrating platform. Accelerationis expressed in meters/square second “m/s2” or in G strength.
1G = 9,80665 m/s2

Z (vertical up down) light blue
X (horizontal back forward) yellow
Y (horizontal left right) red

NOTE: in the measurements we chose not to take in consideration 1G or 9,8 m/s2 to line to the measures of other manufacturers. If you want to consider also the G power component, ideally move the sinusoid on Z axis upwards of 9,8 m/s2


Maximum acceleration: 10G or 100 m/s2 – frequency 50Hz – loaded weight 90 kg. – real frequency 55Hz

waveform detail

Above the measurement of the maximum acceleration at 55Hz over 10G or 102 m/s2
Enlarge to see the values. Click the image. Below the number of oscillations in a second, from 0 to 1000 milliseconds. If you count there are 55 peaks in one second at 50Hz on the display.

waveform real frequency

Lumbar zone L3

frequency 25Hz - loaded weight 90 kg -acceleration: 0,2G - 2m/s2

waveform at lumbar zone

The measurement with sensor in L3 lumbar zone shows a vibrating transmission of 0,2G- 2 m/s2 in a correct posture. Energy is dispersed by the muscle fasciae of lower limbs.

Correct head posture

frequency 25Hz - loaded weight 90 kg - acceleration: 0,2G - 2m/s2

waveform in correct posture

We surveyed two important aspects: with a correct posture we felt a very slight head vibration. The accelerometer was set on skull top. As you can see the vibrations are close to zero (4 m/s2 or 0,4G) although the high frequency.

Incorrect head posture

frequency 25Hz - loaded weight 90 kg - acceleration: 0,7G - 7m/s2

waveform in wrong position

We measured the vibrations the head receives when in vertical position, i.e. when all the discharge is taken by the articulation chain. This is a completely wrong posture, to avoid totally because even if the vibration is not very high it is however unbearable.

The value is of 10 m/s2 or 1G.

In this board all accelerations are measured in G, useful to rehab or other therapies requiring an accurate control. The board records the peak values in high and low mode with 90 kg load, in high mode unloaded, on lumbar area, on correct and incorrect head posture (head OK and head NO OK), all with a 90 kg load.

H = high mode; L = low mode.

90kg HIGH 90kg LOW Lumbar Zone H Head OK H Head ERR H
25Hz 3,7 1,8 0,2 0,1 0,8
30Hz 4,5 2,3      
35Hz 5,9 3,2  
40Hz 7,2 4,0      
45Hz 8,7 4,8      
50Hz 10,0 5,8      


EMG - muscular activity

EMG without and with vibration
without vibration
with vibration

The graph of muscle activity measured with electromyography.
In the first section from left, on maximum load with no vibration, exercise made on the left leg in heavy squat position, in the second section same exercise with vibration. The positive and negative electrodes are on the edges of quadriceps, left rectus femoris, the mass on the muscle center. Our instrument is a 4 channel Nexus from Mind Media, a professional medical instrument. We are here at 40Hz in high mode.

electrodes positionelectromyographer

Vibration amplitude

Below, the plate excursion on different frequencies

Vibration amplitude VG evolution

Proportions and dimensions

Proportions VG evolution 4Proportions VG evolution 2Proportions VG evolution 3Proportions VG evolution 1

I am 183cm. VG Evolution height is 155cm, large 98cm and 70cm deep. Vibrating platform is at 21,3cm from ground.

Standard supply

Standard supply

In the picture, all what is supplied together with the vibrating platform besides accessories: trainer certificate, user manual, vibration training manual, interactive DVD, SW for training schedule managing, exercises poster, 4 marketing posters, marketing brochure.


software ttsport vg evolution

Very simple but powerful software for managing customized training schedules, created by TTSport. It is a database working with MS Access and allows the trainer to prepare precise schedules. No particular explanation needed, as it takes like 3 minutes to learn to use it without instructions. Of course the trainer must follow the trainee at least a couple of times to ensure he has understood the postures and is able to use the platform in the right way. All information are explained in the training course that TTSport carries when and where delivering the platform.

Course and method

certificate vg evolution

TTSport has a very smart philosophy, giving yo a complete education concerning not only the vibration training, but also the right approach to the customer and which typology of sessions to propose, with all the steps. Their staff is are very prepared and good to transmit the information on the machine and WBVT as well as interaction with customer, what kind of package to propose, how to promote and al what is advised to make the investment work. It is something like our own philosophy, the sole platform selling is quite useless without some devotion and method: TTSport method really makes the difference. They are passionate to their work, just like us.
They offer a quality product, they take teach how to use it at best to have top results and they place all their experience at your disposal.

Interactive DVD

DVD 1 vg evolutionDVD 2 vg evolutionDVD 3 vg evolutionDVD 4 vg evolutionDVD 5 vg evolutionDVD 6 vg evolution

The interactive DVD is complete, describing all the vibration training aspects, and introduces the Vibrogym product in detail. In the 2nd CD there are 36 exercises, some really innovative and interesting., other are more basic. All dialogues are in English and are taken from the manual ,edited in Italian

Programs and control panel

Manual mode control of the base setting: time 30-45-60 seconds, High Low Amplitude, frequency 30-35-40-50. You can change settings at any time during session.

A complete program management, divided in 4 sections plus 2 settings.

vg evolution extended menu

Free Training
Training programs

Select Group Training to connect multiple platforms to be controlled by a main one. Very interesting for group sessions.
There is a Language selection and a Contraindications chapter showing a list of the situations in which it is better not to use the platform.

Quick start
The menu is divided into time parameters (30, 45 and 60 secs), ampleness (high. low), frequency (30, 35, 40 50 Hz).

quick start vg evolution

When you turn the vibration on with the START button, you can always change the settings: the arrows to increase or decrease the frequency, the SELECT button changes mode, with STOP you end the session. START allows you to repeat the last settings.
At the screen centre the remaining time in seconds.

Free Training
Almost indentical to Quickstart, the session length and the frequency control are more accurate (1Hz step).

free training vg evolution

Total time
Either Quickstart and Free Training have a total time gauge, that takes in account only the effective work without pauses.

When you have a schedule to follow like in the gym, you can select and define here all parameters for the exercises.

exercises vg evolution

Preset Programs
This differentiates VG Evolution from the other platforms. It show an exercise sequence with intnsiti based on the training levelwith the platform. You select the kind of activity first and then in which utilization week you are. Depending on the week you have different protocols to follow.

The preset programs are divided in:

VG Evolution programsweek number

Anti aging
Back enforcement
Anti cellulite
Weight loss
Legs, gluteus, abdominals


XG5 technical sheet

Vibrogym® VG Evolution I

Vibrogym® VG Evolution I

price list USA/Canada : on request (this is a professional device for commercial applications)

ask quotation

delivery +- usually 2-3 days
worth for from fitness to sedentary
reviews in-depth review
our team
best best
good good
normal normal
basic basic
best muscle tone
best skin beauty
best rehabilitation
best strength
best user friendly
good noise
price/quality best best
G force MAX 10 G with 90kg 198lbs at 50Hz
test see acceleration
muscular activity see EMG
Noise listen
Total weight 140kg 308lbs
Max load 180kg -- 394lbs max
Manufacturing Nederlands
Warranty 2 years
Technology vertical uniform vibration
Frequency Hz 25-50 Hz
Step increase +-1Hz
Magnitude mm 2,2 mm High - 1,1 mm Low -- 0,086 in High - 0,043 in Low
Engines 2 by 350W each
Remote control No
Lower control yes
Dimensions 98 70 155 cm -- 38,6 27,5 61 in
Class CE 89/392/EEG + 91/368/EEG + 93/44/EEG + 93/68/EEG
Platform height 21,3 cm -- 8,4 in
Platform dimensions 98 45 cm -- 38,6 17,7 in
Accessories Instruction Manual and Vibration Training manual. Exercise Manual Vol.1, Exercise poster, interactive DVD, belts, dampening mattress.
Training course 4 hours, on delivery, price included (note: not all Vibrogym distributors may apply this rule)


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